Developing Olympic Combat Sports

​Judo - Brazilian Ju Jitsu - Japanese Jiu-jitsu 
Strength Training and Body Building
Private Lessons


       You benefit from classes geared toward all ages, all levels and physical conditions.  You will feel welcome from the second you enter the school.  
        DOCS Gym is dedicated to assuring beginners a healthy, happy, and successful experience.  We strive to provide all athletes with the Olympic ideals of a healthy mind and body.  
      You want to be a competitor on any level, from local to international / Olympic, DOCS can providefor you what it has done for others. We've trained champions at all levels.
​       ... Or your interest is solely recreational and educational...
            You will find a home at DOCS. 

Special Features

Spring loaded mat floor 

Full weight and exercise machine workout area is part of the regular membership

Excellent, fun kids judo program

Train in all our offerings for the same price

No Contracts
Come visit DOCS. Watch classes.  Talk to instructors.  Talk to students.  
See if you'd like to try a free class.